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The background

During the pandemic, in May 2020, Spain and Europe were living in lockdown and a great feeling of sadness and pessimism plagued society.

The insight

Brazilians are internationally recognized for their contagious joy and for always looking on the bright side of life, even in the worst situations and despite facing many problems in their country.

The action

Contagiate Europeans with that radical optimism of Brazilians, bringing from Brazil a curated selection of finds that are unexpected, distinctive, recognisable and exclusive, but the thread that really unites them is that they convey optimism. Their identity is characterized by joy, vibrant colors and patterns, and avant-garde designs.

The naming 'BOROGODÓ' was inspired in a Brazilian word widely used to express a je ne sais quoi

The logo uses a rounded typography, ideal for casual and close-to-the-public brands like BOROGODÓ®. Its design is minimalist and timeless, like the proposal of - to offer products that last for years. Finally, the last letter O in the word 'borogodó' conveys all the Brazilian-ness of the brand in an unusual way, as it represents the central symbol of the Brazilian flag, on which the phrase "Order and Progress" is written, inspired by the motto of positivism, a popular philosophy at the time of the creation of the flag in the late 19th century.

The main colors of the brand were also borrowed from the Brazilian flag, but also come from the exuberant nature of Brazil, because for BOROGODÓ®, nature is its main source of inspiration, and sustainability is a necessary condition.

Brand values

Optimism, Slow Fashion, Community & Sustainability

BOROGODÓ® was born in the midst of the Covid's lockdown to spread to Europeans the radical optimism of Brazilians.

We did it by bringing from Brazil a curated selection of finds that are unexpected, distinctive, recognisable and exclusive, but the thread that really unites them is that they convey optimism.

We believe in quality over quantity.

We want our products (aka borogodós) find a place in the heart of the creative and worldly woman and become favourites in their closet and home for years on.

We hope they feel as a small corner where there is only borogodó, which is so difficult to find.

This corner is a meeting place between Brazil and Europe, as theirs as ours.

That is why, as part of our very personal approach, each season our community can co-curate the next collection. We source and craft a pre-selection of borogodós and we invite them to see it and vote on their favourites.

Brazil is exuberant nature, our greatest source of inspiration, and that is why sustainability is also an essential condition for us.

For each purchase at, we plant a tree in the Amazon.

And of course we only work with brands and suppliers that are sustainable, cruelty-free and that contribute to conserving the environment.

Our beautiful packaging comes from sustainable sources and are 100% recyclable and/or biodegradable.

Brand purpose

Dress up in optimism

At BOROGODÓ® we firmly believe that optimism is the best of Brazil.

Beyond products, we import optimism and we want you and your home to wear it.

Our brands are sustainable and avant-garde, but the thread that really unites them is always that they convey optimism.

We choose each product (aka borogodó) so that every day that you wear a borogodó you notice something special, a different mood that also spreads around you without you noticing.

Brand story

What's borogodó?


Nobody knows what borogodó is.

Borogodó is that which makes you turn your head and arch your eyebrows.

Borogodó makes you smile without knowing why. 

Borogodó is a je ne sais quoi. 

Borogodó is magnetism. 

Borogodó is that something.

Borogodó is not bought, it is had.

Borogodó is not something physical, it is a sensation. 

Borogodó is natural, it is not manufactured, it is not seen, it is felt. 

When you arrive in Brazil and mix with its people, you feel that something, it floats in the environment, it is contagious and you don't know what it is. 

It is the radical Brazilian optimism, a bossa nova, colors, jogo bonito, originality, joy, that is borogodó.

Brand proposal

In BOROGODÓ® we spread to Europeans the radical optimism of Brazilians.


We do it by bringing from Brazil a careful selection of brands and products that transmit that something, with originality and audacity. They must be special, different and recognizable.

We want the products you buy in our store to find a place in your heart and become favorites in your wardrobe and at home for years on.

We want them to be small treasures. That is why quality in materials and construction is essential to us.

Treasures do not go out of style. We look for brands that manage to combine that originality and audacity into timeless designs, designs that years later will continue to transmit that borogodó with the same force as the first day. For all these reasons we select our brands with great care.

We believe in quality over quantity, in our store you will not find hundreds of brands and designs. We hope you see and feel it as a small and cherished corner where there is only borogodó, that which is so difficult to find.

This corner is a meeting place between Brazil and Europe, as yours as ours.

That is why we are a lifestyle and fashion co-curator where you can participate in the selection process. Each season we do a pre-selection of BOROGODÓ products and we invite our subscribers to see them and comment on the final selection.

Brand CSR



Our triple commitment to nature,

our greatest source of inspiration.


Today the planet needs all of us to do our bit to conserve it and as Brazilians, at BOROGODÓ® we are especially concerned about the future of the Amazon.

One Tree Planted is a global reforestation NGO that planted 4 million trees in 2019 and allows donors to choose where they want to plant their donation.

Thanks to One Tree Planted we can adopt this commitment:

For each purchase at

we plant a tree in the Amazon.

* We donate 1 dollar to the NGO which is the equivalent of a planted tree.

But planting a tree with your right hand doesn’t mean anything if you are chopping own two with your left hand.

So in addition to planting a tree for each order, all the brands that we offer are also sustainable, respectful with the environment and free of animal cruelty.

They are all slow fashion brands, they bet on products that are enjoyed for years and therefore have less environmental impact. This is our second commitment. 

The triple commitment ends with ourselves.

All the suppliers we choose (packaging, transport, etc.) are committed to the environment and the materials we use come from sustainable sources and are 100% recyclable and / or biodegradable.

The cartons and papers in the boxes come from FSC controlled forests and even the plastic in the bag we use to protect your packages is biodegradable and compostable.

Branded content

Culture over products


We have grown up hearing this phrase in Brazil.

The one in my neighbourhood was on Fridays.

Today we return home bringing you all the colors, the fruits, the vegetables, the plants, the 'barracas' (stalls) - which we call by the name of the 'feirantes', 'a barraca do Zé', 'a barraca da Ana' - and, of course, the people of the typical street food markets of Brazil.

The TROPICAL FAIR print of FARM Rio, designed by FARM print designer João Incerto, has been inspired by the 'feiras livres', these open-air markets that are a tradition of Brazilian culture such as Carnival, soccer Sundays, pizza on Saturdays, beer on Fridays, or bread with butter and coffee with milk at the bakery by the corner.

At fairs it is very common to hear the 'feirantes' screaming at the top of their lungs about the quality and freshness of their products and that they have the best price of the entire fair. People circulate, choose, ask for a discount, or simply go for a walk or to have a caldo de cana with pastel, something like a fried dumpling.

Each neighborhood has its 'feira livre' on a specific day of the week. The people of the neighborhood already know the feirantes, who have usually been there for many, many years, by name. They are more friends than clients.

The fairs are held from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., however, the work begins much earlier. At 4 am the 'feirantes' arrive to set up their' barracks.

As we say in Brazil, the 'feira livre' is 'coisa nossa' (our thing) but you can have it here in Spain and throughout Europe in the wonderful TROPICAL FARM dress that is at a 30% discount right now here in borogodo. shop.

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