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The Meaningful Journey
eDreams Odigeo

The background


eDreams uses the latest technology in its UX lab to know people, with the goal to offering an outstanding experience for their next travel.

In other words, eDreams empower travellers through technology.

How to communicate it to the foremost travel and technology journalists and influencers in Europe in an event to be held in its headquarters?

eDreams knew that their presence would be unlikely if the event was just a press conference.

They should live a remarkable experience.

The insight


The past, the horizon, and the future.

eDreams' brand positioning is 'Horizons'. It means that eDreams inspires people to explore their world to reach new horizons.

For me, Horizons means more.

Horizons is the line that divides each person's interior world (their world = their background, past experiences, all of which impact their current perceptions and actions) from the outside world where they can travel (the future, new experiences, new horizons). 

Horizons is the line that connects people to the world. 

Thus, knowing yourself is the best way to have a better travel experience.

To have... Meaningful Journeys.

'5 years out, 10 years out, how are consumers going to travel?

The travel of the future isn’t about the simple touristic experience, of getting to a place and coming back.

Because where to go, what to see, what to do says more about yourself than the destination. 

It isn’t about where you have already been nor where you want to go.

It isn’t about moving in space. 

It is the expression of your feelings, your desires, your dreams.

What you have lived so far, who you are at this moment and who you want to become. 

Wherever you go, you never come back the same from a trip.

Because traveling isn’t about moving in space, but evolving in life.

It is that opportunity of meeting yourself when reaching out there.

There is no mere travel. Only meaningful journeys.'

The action

Grounded in the insight, the experience was about creating a meaningful future traveling experience for our guests based on their past experiences, using technology to connect their past to their future.


Arriving at the event guests were invited to travel from inside out and from outside in, a people-centred travel where they were exposed to different horizons (strategically selected images) using AR technology and we monitored their emotional reaction using neuroscience tools.

Once their meaningful journey was reaching an end, all guests received a complete report about their traveller profile and themselves. 

It was possible because, prior to the event, I proposed, planned and led a pioneering study to define these profiles carried out by IPSOS in collaboration with eDreams. The study segmented European travellers based on their emotions and motivations for travel.

What moves you are your feelings, wishes, visions, the outcome of all your past so far, your experiences, the places you have been, etc. All of it has contributed to who you are today and what you carry deep within.

And this is what leads your purposes, your dreams, your new horizons, your future travels.

You are standing in the horizon line, ready to cross it at this very instant.

But do you actually know where you are meant to go?

This is what we disclosed.

The result


The feedback of our guest was amazing. They left the event really convinced that eDreams knows who they are and can offer them the best travel experience ever.

But also eDreams absolutely loved the insight of 'The Meaningful Journey' and it became the main initiative of the brand that year, their new brand positioning, a website - - and a documentary based on stories from its consumers, as you can watch below:

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