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Antonio Banderas

The background


It was in 1997 that Spanish fashion and fragrance business Puig welcomed Antonio Banderas into its family fold, who continue to enlist the company’s 100 years’ worth of experience in working with luxury brands.

Since the, Antonio Banderas and Puig have been changing the way celebrity scents should do business.

My mission was conveying these two decades of partnership in a celebration for friends, business partners and press coming from every side of the world, which would will take place at his private residence.

The insight


From his first scent in 1998, Diavolo, to his latest, Power of Seduction, Banderas’s fragrances have been a direct reflection of his personal growth.

The perfumers have managed to observe Banderas’s growth over the years and bottle phases of his life by drawing from his memories, his childhood in Malaga, film characters and the ever-evolving, emotive entity incorporated into every fragrance – seduction. 

“I had meetings with the perfumers and they started adding my own personality into the perfumes... so, out of that came concepts like seduction.”

The action


One of the other main factors contributing to the success of Banderas’s fragrances is that Puig was always about the quality of the fragrance first, as opposed to focusing solely on the celebrity aspect.  The olfactory identity and DNA of each new scent was maintained and has been key to building a lasting connection to the brand, which has carried the essence of Banderas throughout its three pillars - Secret, Seduction and Classic. 

The result


Travel to Spain and discover all the excitement of the exclusive 20th anniversary celebration of Antonio Banderas Fragrances

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