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Xuxa Morena

The background


How to turn Koleston into the favorite brand of the Brazilian women in a short period of time?

The insight


A blonde. That's what many Brazilian women would like to be.

We had broken this paradigm transforming the most famous blonde of Brazil into the most famous brunette of Brazil: Xuxa, the most beloved TV Hostess in the country.

The action


On the transformation day, everything was broadcast live on the brands channel. All the digital press that covered the event showed Koleston's logo in their stories.

The result


The news spread like wildfire in the national and international media.

On Twitter, the subject was a trending topic for 12 hours and on Facebook it became a trending article.

Many memes were created, helping to disseminate Xuxa brunette.

A never seen before video of the transformation was released on YouTube, which soon reached 10 million views.

And when in the last episode of the highest rated soap opera on the Brazilian TV, the leading lady, who used to be a blonde, showed up as a brunette, immediately the social media users started saying that she had used Koleston.

In just one week of the campaign, Xuxa's new hair color became the most desired one and Koleston became the first in the Brazilians mind and a synonym of transformation.

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